We partner with top-notch hosting providers to offer our clients reliable, fast & secure online presence.
Our partner hosting providers offer solutions ranging from cost effective shared hosting services to advanced complex enterprise hosting solutions that best suit your business or organisation needs.

What we offer ?

Hosting Experts

With more than 10 years of experience in managing servers for hosting solutions, we have the expertise not just to survive but thrived in this challenging industry.

Secure & Reliable with 99.99% Uptime

Our shared hosting servers are secured by layers of security features, together with redundancy capabilities will ensure high uptime for all its users.

Equally Shared Resource

All server resources are constantly monitored by automated functions as well as human checking to ensure all shared users have equal shared resources.

24/7 Support When Needed

Support will be available when needed via phone, email or ticket.

Hosting Windows and Linux Platform

All hosting solutions come running in MS Windows Server or Linux operating system platforms. Both Windows and Linux hosting platforms are able to serve your web, database and email requirements. The choice between choosing between Windows or Linux hosting platform usually depends on the web designer, which type of scripting and database the designer use the develop the website.

Let's build something great