15 Realities of SEO admin October 12, 2023

15 Realities of SEO

SEO is not a replacement for PPC

SEO is a brand marketing tactic, not a direct advertising method

You do not measure SEO success on revenue generated

Most businesses have an insufficient SEO budget to achieve success

Most marketers do not appreciate SEO

SEO requires strategy otherwise you will mostly waste time and money

The fastest way to find out your SEO's ability is to ask to see a website they own

SEO is a lot like medicine. You first diagnose why the site isn’t ranking, you then prescribe a solution and repeat the treatment as long as it takes to achieve results

The best way to generate SEO results is to apply the 80/20 approach

SEO value is often misjudged because of a poor understanding of analytics data

The investment for SEO should come from your brand marketing budget

The success of SEO can generally be attributed to the number of NEW visitors your website has. It’s the job of conversion optimization to ensure they either return, sign up or purchase

The cost of SEO services is set to skyrocket because of the pandemic as more companies focus online

Link building is not as important as content creation

SEO should never be your only marketing strategy

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